GBP Traders Skittish Ahead of BoE - 21 June 2018

21 June 2018 | 1:07 pm

The Pound continues to come under pressure ahead of today's meeting of policymakers at the Bank of England.

Oil Lower Before OPEC Meeting - 21 June 2018

21 June 2018 | 9:40 am

Oil prices dipped down on Thursday morning in advance of an OPEC meeting in Vienna on Friday which will determine the fate of the production cuts that have been guiding prices for the past 18 months

Pound Lower Ahead of Vote, BoE

20 June 2018 | 1:37 pm

The Pound Sterling hit a new 7-month trough versus the US Dollar on worries that the most recent developments in the Brexit negotiations will not pass through the UK Parliament.

Asian Markets Bounce Back as China Continues Decline

20 June 2018 | 10:13 am

Asian markets staged a comeback on Wednesday after struggling for the past few days. As of 1:06 p.m. HK/SIN, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was up 0.41 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 enjoyed a 0.54 percent gain.

Dollar Slides on Chinese Trade Threat

19 June 2018 | 1:56 pm

The US Dollar slid versus the safe haven currencies during trade on Tuesday after the threat of more Chinese tariffs heightened concerns of an escalating trade war that could negatively impact global growth.

Trump’s Latest Threats Send Asian Markets Lower

19 June 2018 | 9:19 am

Last week U.S. President Donald Trump committed to imposing fresh tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods.

Pound Feeling Pressure Ahead of BoE Meeting

18 June 2018 | 1:12 pm

Ahead of the Bank of England's next policy meeting which will begin on Wednesday and conclude on Thursday, FX traders appear wary of keeping the Pound Sterling propped up.

Trade Tensions Continue to Shake Markets

18 June 2018 | 9:29 am

Washington’s announcement on Friday to implement tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods has continued to pressure markets and worry investors.

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

17 June 2018 | 11:56 am

This week will see a lighter news agenda than last week, with central bank input due from the Bank of England, The Swiss National Bank, and the Reserve Bank of Australia, plus major economic data releases primarily concerning the Canadian and New Zealand Dollars.

Euro Skids after ECB Decision

15 June 2018 | 10:24 am

The Euro is poised to record its worst weekly decline in 19 months after the European Central Bank's latest statement.

Pound Higher on Upbeat Sales Numbers

14 June 2018 | 2:57 pm

The Pound Sterling climbed to a 50day peak during London trading today after an unexpectedly upbeat retail sales figure was released.

Fed Raises Rates, Hints Towards More

14 June 2018 | 9:17 am

The U.S. Federal Reserve raised its benchmark short-term interest rate on Wednesday for the second time this year and hinted that two more rate hikes could be forthcoming.

Pound Lower after CPI Misses Forecasts

13 June 2018 | 2:13 pm

The Pound Sterling retreated and recorded a 1-week trough today after the release of inflation data which missed analysts' forecasts.

Asian Indexes Trade Lower on Fed Fears

13 June 2018 | 11:09 am

Asian stock indexes were broadly lower on Wednesday as traders braced themselves for the upcoming announcement from the U.S. Federal Reserve later in the day.

Bitcoin Sinks to Two-Month Low

13 June 2018 | 9:20 am

Following reports that the South Korean Coinrail cryptocurrency exchange had been hacked over the weekend, bitcoin prices fell nearly 10 percent, and they continued their decline into Wednesday

OPEC Supply Increase More Unlikely

12 June 2018 | 3:00 pm

The oil markets were conflicted with US crude oil firmer on doubts whether OPEC would increase supply at the next meeting.

What’s Next for Oil?

12 June 2018 | 2:19 pm

Next week OPEC (the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is scheduled to announce whether it will agree on an increase in crude output, a move that could open the world up to greater price hikes due to supply disruption.

Dollar Retreats on Summit Disappointment

12 June 2018 | 1:33 pm

The US Dollar gave back earlier gains after FX traders assessed the summit between the US and North Korea and determined that no concrete measures would be forthcoming.

Dollar Rises on U.S.-North Korea Meeting

12 June 2018 | 9:30 am

The U.S. dollar hit a three-week high against the yen on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he had forged a “good relationship” with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader

Dismal Data Drives Pound Lower

11 June 2018 | 7:00 pm

The Pound Sterling was unable to maintain the momentum it held in the hours before the release of key economic data.

Franc Falls After Failed Vote

11 June 2018 | 9:40 am

The Swiss franc fell against its primary trading partners on Monday after Swiss voters rejected a proposal to dramatically alter the country’s financial landscape by preventing commercial banks from electronically creating money during the lending process.

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

10 June 2018 | 11:39 am

This week will see a much heavier news agenda than last week, with central bank input due from the U.S.A., the Eurozone, and Japan, plus major economic data releases

Dollar Pressured after Bond Yields Fall

8 June 2018 | 10:19 am

In early Asian trading, the US Dollar Index remained close to a 3-week trough after yields on US Treasury instruments fell sharply.

Dollar Weakness Boosts GBP/USD

7 June 2018 | 1:21 pm

The Pound Sterling hit a 2-week peak and continued to climb, largely thanks to a Euro rally but also by the US Dollar's recent weakness.

Global Markets Surge on Strong Fundamentals

7 June 2018 | 9:37 am

Asian markets hit a 2 ½ month high on Thursday, riding the global buying wave as traders acted based on solid fundamentals worldwide.

Sterling Higher but Gains Seen as Limited

6 June 2018 | 1:14 pm

The Pound Sterling edged higher in London trade, buoyed by unexpectedly upbeat data earlier this week and an overall weaker US Dollar.

Traders Shift Focus to ECB Meeting

6 June 2018 | 10:23 am

The euro continued its climb on Wednesday, supported by reports from Bloomberg on Tuesday that the European Central Bank could announce its plans to end quantitative easing.

Dollar Tries to Claw Higher on Treasury Yields

5 June 2018 | 2:56 pm

The US Dollar had firmed during London trading but remains just off the 6-month peak struck last week as FX traders await news on the US economy which could prove steady growth through the second quarter.

Trade Concerns Linger as Progress Stalls

5 June 2018 | 9:56 am

U.S. trade negotiations with several of its key allies appear to have stalled, or possibly even eroded further, as Canada proposed tariffs on maple syrup, a move that could hurt syrup producers in Maine.

Pound Higher of Upbeat PMI

4 June 2018 | 1:27 pm

The Pound Sterling had already been poised for its 4th straight day of gains ahead of the PMI release, and the GBP/USD pair moved higher afterward on the upbeat report.